"Locks can be opened and closed numerous times without a trace, however, once a security seal is opened, it is damaged and cannot be reconstructed to its original state. It must be replaced with a new seal and would depict obvious evidence of tampering."




    Tamper Indicating Security Seals

    Tamper-indicating Security seals are meant to leave unambiguous, non-erasable evidence of unauthorized access

    Barrier Seals

    Barrier seals are widely used in securing cargo containers of sensitive and high value products in the shipping, airline, rail and trucking industries against theft and pilferages.


    Serial Numbering

    All our security seals can be customised with highly visible 6 or 7 digit non-repeat consecutive serial numbering as per customers own requirement. Printing of Serial numbering makes each seal unique and can not be replaced. The printing is done by thermo engraving process, which penetrates the plastic material and maintain the seal integrity. Printing is done in black or white colour to make it highly visible for easy recording and reading.

    Text/ Name/ Logo Pringing

    In addition to serial numbering, the majority of our security seals can be supplied with overprinted your company name/Logo, department, coding or any other specific text matter you require providing additional information for the user and a higher level of security for your organisation.

    Text/ Name/ Logo Embossing

    Your company name/logo, department, coding or any other specific text matter can be embossed (high rise in moulding) to further increase level of security and to enhance your corporate image.


    Barcoding on security seals enable users to capture data automatically with barcode reader, Barcoding can be done on many of the security seals available with us. Barcodes provide the highest level of security.